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Glossary of Long Term Care

altBenefits that may be Included in your Policy..other optional Benefits may be available

  • Cash Benefit – Electing to receive policy benefits in cash may be a helpful strategy as you develop a permanent plan of care. There’s no elimination period to satisfy. No bills to collect and mail for reimbursement. You can simply use the cash to pay for services to support your plan of care. Your cash benefit equals:
  • 40 percent of the policy’s home care benefit
  • The cash benefit pays up to an initial maximum of $2,400 each month. This amount may increase if an inflation protection benefit is added to the policy.
  • Home Care – Benefits are provided to help you stay at home as long as possible. These include:
  • Personal care services to assist with the activities of daily living
  • Homemaker services to provide help with grocery shopping, meal preparation and housekeeping
  • Professional services of a registered nurse, home health aide or therapist
  • Adult day care services
  • Facility Care – Sometimes, more care is needed than can be provided at home. Should this happen, your policy also covers residential care and nursing facility care, up to 100 percent of your monthly benefit. The policy also will pay to reserve your bed in a facility for up to 30 days per calendar year should you need to leave the facility for any reason.
  • Care Coordination – Finding long-term care services may seem overwhelming. So we give you access to the services of a care coordinator – a licensed health carem professional who will assess your needs, develop an individualized plan of care and help you arrange for long-term care services. There’s no elimination period to satisfy for care coordination services, and use of a care coordinator makes you eligible for additional benefits designed to help you remain safely in your home, including:​
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Home modification
  • Medical alert system
  • Respite Care – Unpaid caregivers often need a break. So your policy provides short-term relief by including a benefit to hire a temporary replacement for up to one month per calendar year. No elimination period is required to receive this benefit.
  • Hospice Care – If you are terminally ill and not expected to live beyond six months, your policy will pay for hospice care received in any setting. No elimination period is required to receive this benefit.
  • International Benefit – If you’re traveling outside the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom when the need for care arises, your policy will pay the maximum monthly benefit of your policy for up to 12 months for covered long-term care services you receive.
  • Waiver of Premium – We don’t want you to worry about paying premiums when you are receiving care, so we waive premiums while you are receiving the cash benefit or covered home care services at least eight days in a month or residential care or nursing facility services.